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7 Ways to Boost User Engagement in WordPress

There is no use of creating a functional and feature-rich website if your potential web visitors are not finding it engaging. A website owner should think from their targeted web audience's viewpoint while creating or customizing a site. Give them rich and seamless user experience, engage them with valuable and relevant content (be it a blog post, article, video or an image), improve the page loading speed, and trail other essential tips to boost user engagement on your WordPress site.

Though WordPress offers a plethora of themes and plugins to let you create a custom website, you need to make extra efforts for generating higher customer acquisition rate. Give your real-visitors a reason to stay longer and return to your site again. This not only reduces bounce rate but also boost your online visibility.

So, here in this blog post, we will share the seven tips that will drastically improve user engagement on your WordPress site.

1. Reduce the page load speed

Since speed is the most vital search engine ranking factor, make sure that you focus on improving the overall speed of your website. According to a survey, most of the visitors abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. So, if you want to improve the customer retention and conversion rate, ensure that you optimize the overall performance of your website.

Below are some tips that will help you achieve the same:

(a) Data optimization

Improve your site's speed by optimizing your database including post reviews, and tables either using phpMyAdmin or a plugin. WP-Optimize is a great plugin that can help you optimize, cleanup, backup, and restore your database for better performance. It also deletes comments in the spam queue, unapproved comments and post reviews on the fly.

(b) Use a Caching Plugin

One of the best ways of improving page load speed is using a reliable caching plugin. You can install W3 Total Cache plugin to reduce the loading speed time of your web pages.

(c) Minimize image file size

Since images are the largest files on a website, they can down turn the overall speed of your site. To make them load fast, you need to compress the file sizes of all the images using WP Smush.it tool.

Tip: Apart from this, make sure you choose the good hosting provider that can help you improve the loading speed of your WordPress site.

2. Create visually-aesthetic web design

A beautiful, engaging and eye-catching website can leave a long-lasting impression on your visitor's mind. But make sure your site design represents your brand aesthetically. Also, focus on giving your web visitors a pleasing experience whenever they visit your site. With the use of the consonant color scheme, you can enhance the overall design of your site.
Well, it is always good to use Green, Red, Blue, and white colors if you want your visitors to drive quickly towards your site. Instead of using bright colors like yellow and orange, use while background on your site. And make sure you use black text on it. This enhances the vision of a reader and gives them hassle-free user experience.

3. Use engaging, unique and informative content

The quality of content matters a lot when it comes to improving user engagement. But you also need to focus on creating engaging, informative and relevant content that can entice targeted web audience to visit your site at least for once.

Instead of using boring content, create enticing, grabbing and valuable blog posts, articles, images and videos for your site. Try to keep the content simple and readable – as this can help you increase the user experience as well as SEO ranking of your site.

4. Grow your mailing list

Nothing can be better than this. You can add a mailing list to your WordPress site to encourage real-time visitors to convert into a subscriber. You can activate an e-mail alert to let your visitors get notified whenever you publish new posts directly into their email address. This encourages them to visit your site again and again.

With the use of MailChimp or Aweber, you can create a powerful email marketing campaign that can help you grow your business the way you planned.

5. Commenting Process should be simple

Never overlook the commenting section – as it is one of the crucial parts that can drastically improve user engagement on your WordPress site. There are many site owners who forget to place their comment box in the right place and then constantly lose their potential customers. If you want to improve your conversion rate, make sure you simplify your commenting process.

Create a comment section in such a way that let your visitors leave comment instantly, without any hassle or confusion. Through this, you will be able to get more feedback and recommendations from your web visitors – this will automatically boost engagement on your site. Consider to following tips for creating simple commenting process:

  • Never use difficult-to-understand CAPTCHAs
  • Showcase Top Comments to entice people to leave comment
  • Reply to their comments as quick as possible

6. Search Engine Optimization

Boost the visibility on Google and other search engines to encourage people to see and access your site quickly and easily using best SEO practices. Use Yoast SEO or All in one SEO pack plugin to automatically optimize the content of your web pages and posts (meta description, meta title, meta tag) of your site for getting better ranking on search engine result pages.

7. Social Media Integration

Social media integration is an incredible way to engage more visitors towards a website. Fortunately, WordPress offers a ton of powerful social media plugins such as Social Warfare, or social media and share icons that will help visitors to share your site's content on their personal social account with their friends, relatives, and colleagues.

Both the plugins will help you integrate popular social media icons such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin, etc, without even generating a single piece of coding.


All the tips mentioned above in this blog post will help you boost the user engagement on your WordPress site with ease. These tips will enhance the online visibility and give rich user experience to your potential web visitors, which in turn increase your conversions and maximize your ROI.

Author Bio:
Lucy Barret is working as a Web Developer and handling all PSD to Wordpress conversion projects. She is also a technical writer and loves to read and write techy posts. You can follow her on Twitter.

7 Reasons Your SEO Campaign May Fail

Failure of a SEO Campaign Reasons

1 Too low budget

So many businesses make this mistake. Business owners want to get to the top of search results with very little or almost no budget. There is something even worse than that. Digital marketing agencies are often promising incredible results even on very low budget.

These very agencies will be be often using techniques or should we say shortcuts that may be not quite in line with Google's guidelines and even if those techniques will get the website to the top, it will be only for short period of time, and after this short period it is more than likely that the website will drop in rankings, usually after one of Google's updates. You need a proper budget for SEO to make long lasting results. It is not worth going for very cheap options, because after your website will get punished you will end up paying much more in the end.

2 Outdated tactics

It does not matter how weird it sounds. SEO, and digital marketing as a whole are industries which are changing very fast. I remember when I was learning SEO, someone very wise told me that books about digital marketing are useless because before the book would actually get printed, SEO techniques would change five times already. This is actually true. I don't work in SEO that long and the rules by which we work changed so many times. When employing SEO specialist, you have to make sure that this person is up to date with all the industry news and techniques. Some old techniques which used to work, today are not tolerated by Google and can even harm your website.

3 Targeting wrong keywords

Keyword research is a starting point of all SEO campaigns. Starting point and one of the most important elements of Search Engine Optimization. If you are targeting the wrong keywords, it does not matter how good SEO techniques you would be using, you won't be able to attract the right audience, which means your website won't convert and conversion is always the end goal.

4 Over Optimization

We often tend to think in one way: the website does not rank because it is not optimised well enough. It is more than likely that this is the reason, however there is other side of things as well.Sometimes, people want great results in shortest possible time, and they put little bit too much in, too many keywords (keyword stuffing) or over optimized anchor text for the examples, they make the website too much focused on SEO. This is what we call over optimization, and this is what Google does not like at all.

5 You are not monitoring results

You will never know if your SEO efforts work or not if you do not monitor the results. You have to have goals and you need to be able to see if you are on the right track to achieve them. If your campaign does not work as you'd like it to, and if it needs some changes, you have to be able to see it as early as possible, and without reviewing your efforts and tracking results it won't be possible.

6 SEO specialist does not know client's business well enough

If the Agency or SEO specialists does not know anything about the client's industry, it will be very hard for them to track appropriate keywords, target right audience or source best possible links. Obviously we do not live in the ideal world and it would be very hard for agencies to be specialists in all the industries they have clients in.

If you have business in very specific industry, like for example: law, it will be the best to have an in house SEO specialist and Digital Marketing Agency as well, your in house specialist will be the person who knows exactly how the business works from the inside, and agency creative will be best for coming up with ideas etc.

7 Lack of client's involvement

As they say, "it takes two to tango". We can't put all the responsibility on the agencies and SEO specialists. We are digital marketing specialists, we are specialists in our field and it is not possible to be specialists in all other fields as well. The client is the specialist in his/her field , they should know their target audience etc. Without the involvement of the client, the campaign won't reach it's fool potential.

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How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunity

             The Web Tree Media a blog which allows Guest Posting and we know how important guest blogging is for your business brand name and for the keywords ranking in the search engines.

But finding the resources which allows Guest Blogging is not so easy, Today we will discuss some easiest ways to find the guest blogging resources.

Finding Guest Blogging sites on the Search Engines, Yes Search engine is always on the priority whenever we want to seek something on the Internet, So the question is How to Find Guest Blogging sites on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.